Founded in February 1996, Ramapo Ridge Mountain Mixes has taken a solid position of growing the packaged nut, fruit mix, beef jerky, and candy category within our marketing region. Our success is driven by delivering fresh products to the market with great value and the highest level of quality.

25 successful years in the packaged nut, fruit mix, beef jerky, and candy industry.
Company showing increased sales and profits through innovative marketing and merchandising on an annual basis.
Superior quality product is the focus of our dedication.
Deal direct with owner to enable split second decision making.

Ramapo Ridge offers price points for every pocket: $.99,$1.49,$1.99,$2.99.
Larger trade up packaging for mainline items: Peanuts, Pistachios, Cashews.

Ramapo Ridge offers a variety of healthy nuts, seeds, and fruit mixes. Consumer trends are towards healthy eating habits.

Due to the impulse nature of our products, quality packaging and placements are key to maximizing sales and profits.
Prime adjacencies that increase productivity are candy sections, or closest to the cash register.
Merchandising end caps, wing racks, or clip strips in any of these areas will help maximize sales.

Bright red label with mountains, sunburst, and pine trees gives perception of a fresh and healthy snack.
Clear cello enables consumer to see the quality of their purchase.

Quality- Ramapo Ridge products are packaged with superior ingredients and dated for freshness.

Bright Front Label- Red Label brings impulse attention to the brand to generate incremental sales and profits.

Value- The combination of quality products within our line, key price points, and competitive weights make our products the best value in the market.

Assortment- Ramapo Ridge provides a diversified assortment of healthy snacks at a popular price for all to afford.

Profit- Retailers want to sell our products based on the higher retails and trade-ups that generate a greater dollar profit.